Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

warning: this is gonna be like 50x longer than my normal 10-word lboxd posts so bear with me

i hadn’t really thought about it much, but the other day i suddenly realized 2018 has actually been kind of a good year for me. and while a lot of cool stuff has happened, one crucial thing that really changed for me this year was my pursuit of writing about film.

this was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while, but i hadn’t really considered doing anything about it until the very end of last year. so i made a blog where i could write reviews and just other things that i felt like sharing, mostly about film. i made my resolution for the new year to simply keep up with it and see it through to the end of the year, just to see where it would take me and mainly just as something to work towards in my spare time.

so i continued posting on the blog and i made a letterboxd account at the very beginning of january — crazy to think that only now am i reaching a full year on here! i feel like i can barely remember a time before that. like, seriously, how did i waste time and procrastinate before that? it’s also weird to think that if i hadn’t made this account i wouldn’t know any of you (I AIN’T ABOUT THAT).

but, fast forward to the end of 2018, and i am wrapping up my first real writing internship (!!!!!!!), which is something my crippling self-doubt made me think would never happen to me so soon. i actually recently found out some of my articles had about 50,000 impressions which is weird and bizarre and scary to think about, but i never thought something i wrote would reach that many people. there were so many times when i was ready to just quit and give up because i felt like i was putting in work that wasn’t paying off, but it was moments like these that made it worth it. (i also had many kind comments from time to time about my writing from all of you that were also so kind and encouraging and i love you all).

to think of where i was at this time last year, having barely ever written anything related to movies, and to look at how far i’ve come is so rewarding. i am so proud of how i’ve grown as both a person and a writer, so i just thought i’d share this revelation in one of the places where it all began.

i used to post links to my full-length reviews a lot, but i haven’t really been keeping up with them since the internship has been sucking up all my time. i also don’t really promote my writing for my internship on here either but please feel free to check it out if you’d like! the link to my author page is in my bio :)

2018 has been a great year of personal growth, so i wanted to basically thank you guys for sticking with me and my abundance of shitposts. i appreciate you all so much and here’s to 2019 being even better!

bye i love u


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