mid90s ★★★

some thoughts on mid90s:
-i really loved the cinematography and music!! stylistically this movie was really great
-lucas hedges was criminally underused i am NOT impressed
-i thought the directing was great but i had a lot of problems with the writing - characters/relationships could’ve been so much more fleshed out (they were so intriguing!!!) and the scene that brought the film to its resolution felt kinda lazy
-also did every other word really have to be some kind of slur like i get thats how kids talk when they’re young and stupid but it felt…excessive…im lookin at u jonah
-uh the sexual encounter scene made me so uncomfortable !!!! the girl was visibly much older than stevie and the way she came onto him was so creepy !!!! sorry it had to be said
-did i mention there was not enough lucas hedges

(lmao haven’t done a real-ish review in FOREVER was feeling spontaneous enjoy xoxo)

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