Normal People

Normal People ★★★★★

ok not to get dramatic here for a minute but. i am ASTOUNDED at how this is by far one of the best adaptations of a popular book i've ever seen???? i'm a massive fan of the novel after reading it recently and this show struck the perfect balance of being incredibly faithful to the source material while also being its own separate, beautiful piece of art. marianne and connell's story cuts so deeply to my core — as they both grow over the years and always find their way back to each other, you feel as though you have made that journey with them. it makes me really think about the people who i always find my way back to in my own life. it also reminds me of how lonely i am!! but kind of in a good way, like i just haven't found my person yet. i love getting emotional on the internet!

i also have a massive crush on paul mescal now hahahahaha if he would like to be my person then by all means!!!

lastly, if you catch me rewatching this in the incredibly near future, mind ur business

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