The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

tiff #3

prob one of my most anticipated going into the festival so i'm happy to say it really delivered for me. although i will say, i'm interested to see the kind of reception it gets from more general audiences because it’s one of those films you can't really fully enjoy while watching passively, at least upon first watch. more a parable of psychological terror then anything else, very heavy on the homoeroticism (love that), power struggle, and how we are our own worst enemies above anyone else. robert pattinson and willem dafoe are powerful forces of nature (obviously), and robert eggers just knows how to conjure some of the most terrifying visuals i've recently seen. i also can't imagine this movie not having been shot on black and white 35mm, it just serves the mood and atmosphere so well and honestly eggers just makes look really cool. and if they didn't already, seagulls now absolutely petrify me.

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