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10 Best Movies That End in Dance

Some of the best movies culminate in electrifying dance sequences that leave audiences spellbound. "Jojo Rabbit" embraces the vibrant and heartwarming energy of a dance, infusing hope and unity. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" bursts with a cosmic dance finale, uniting the quirky team and showcasing their camaraderie. "Another Round" ends on a poignant note with a liberating dance, symbolizing personal transformation. "Rushmore" and "Paddington 2" also feature memorable dance sequences that punctuate their narratives, leaving a lasting impression…

Cinema on Cinema: 30 Great Films About Films

Exploring the captivating world of cinema within cinema, these 10 great films about films transcend the boundaries of traditional storytelling, offering a meta-narrative experience that delves into the art and craft of filmmaking. Federico Fellini's '8½' stands as a masterpiece, navigating the psyche of a director amidst creative chaos. Truffaut's 'Day for Night' skillfully unveils the behind-the-scenes dynamics, while 'Singin' in the Rain' joyously celebrates the transition from silent to talkies. David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' is a surreal exploration of…

10 Thrilling 3-hour-long Movies Like Oppenheimer That Are Worth Watching

Most Hollywood blockbuster films typically have an hour and a half or more runtime. However, some narratives are so complex that they require more time to delve into their deeply layered storylines. In today’s fast-paced world, though, some viewers may find it challenging to dedicate three hours or more to watch a single film, especially if they prefer shorter viewing experiences due to limited free time.

All Noah Baumbach Movies Ranked, from Worst to Best

Noah Baumbach is a renowned filmmaker known for his insightful and often bittersweet exploration of human relationships and the complexities of modern life. His diverse filmography is a tapestry of intimate character studies and sharp, witty dialogues. Baumbach gained recognition with films like "The Squid and the Whale" (2005), a poignant examination of a family in crisis. He further solidified his reputation with "Frances Ha" (2012), a delightful portrayal of a young woman navigating the challenges of adulthood. Baumbach's collaboration…

All David Fincher Movies Ranked

David Fincher, a visionary filmmaker renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship and dark aesthetic, has curated a compelling filmography that transcends genres. From the mind-bending thriller "Se7en" to the psychological labyrinth of "The Game," Fincher's work is marked by a distinct visual flair and a penchant for psychological depth. His collaborations with actors like Brad Pitt and Rooney Mara have yielded unforgettable performances in films like "Fight Club" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Fincher's exploration of complex narratives, evident…

Top 10 Blumhouse Movies According to Global Box Office

Blumhouse movies have always stood tall in spite of their low-budget fares, consistently delivering spine-chilling Box-office hits that captivate audiences worldwide. As the curtains draw on the holiday weekend, the box office landscape reveals a surprising and record-breaking twist. Blumhouse’s stealthy horror sensation, “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” has clawed its way to the top, becoming the studio’s undisputed champion in the global box office arena.

Top 10 Performances by Paul Dano

Paul Dano, a highly talented and versatile actor, has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of cinema through his captivating performances. With a diverse filmography, Dano has showcased his acting prowess across various genres. He gained critical acclaim for his roles in films like "Little Miss Sunshine" (2006), a charming indie comedy, and "There Will Be Blood" (2007), a powerful drama that earned him widespread recognition. Dano's ability to immerse himself in complex characters has been evident…

10 Great American Movies That Explore Nihilism

Five great American movies that boldly explore nihilism are "Fight Club," challenging societal norms and consumer culture as its protagonist descends into anarchic disillusionment. "American Psycho" dissects the hollowness of excess and privilege, unraveling the emptiness beneath the veneer of success. In "Taxi Driver," a mentally disturbed protagonist navigates a decaying urban landscape, embodying nihilistic despair. "No Country for Old Men" confronts the chaotic and indifferent nature of the universe through its relentless antagonist. Meanwhile, "A Clockwork Orange" delves into…

10 Best Mia Goth Movie Performances

Mia Goth, born on November 30, 1993, is a British actress celebrated for her versatile roles in filmography. She made her debut in Lars von Trier's controversial film "Nymphomaniac" (2013), followed by a chilling performance in the horror-thriller "A Cure for Wellness" (2016). Mia showcased her talent in the science fiction film "High Life" (2018) and delivered a compelling character in the psychological thriller "Suspiria" (2018). Her filmography also includes the mysterious drama "Pearl" and the enigmatic "X," where she…

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Among the annual flurry of Christmas comedies, Reginald Hudlin’s Candy Cane Lane (2023) on Amazon Prime Video is a decent mindless entertainment. Starring Eddie Murphy, the film is mildly funny as well as exasperating cliched. But considering the indistinguishable slog fests and cash-ins that make up the festive season movie catalog nowadays, Candy Cane Lane might make us say, “You could do a lot worse.” In this second of the three-film deal Murphy has signed with Amazon (the first one…

The Shepherd

The Shepherd


Disney Plus’ latest Holiday-themed offering is the screen adaptation of Frederick Forsyth’s novella “The Shepherd.” Directed by Iain Softley, who also wrote the screenplay, “The Shepherd” does not overstay its welcome. The film, with its thirty-eight-minute duration, recognizes the simplistic nature of its story and drives the point home succinctly and effectively, thus leaving its audience positively warm and fuzzy. That has been the goal, after all. What more could a viewer ask from a Christmas-themed film?

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There’s a strange tepidness at the heart of Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s film, Saturday Afternoon (Shonibar Bikel). Given the charged terrain it walks through, the film is bogged down from the get-go by its declamatory approach to picking apart what it wishes to say. Farooki’s screenplay leaches the inherently dramatic situation of any prickly tension and coasts it with contrived, lazily conceived dissections of ideology, making it jammed with an off putting, utterly-bored-with-itself series of exchanges.

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Sam Bahadur

Sam Bahadur


Sam Manekshaw might not be a name that pops up in regular household conversations, but there remains an awareness about him that supersedes that of any other person who serves or has served in the forces. Manekshaw led a glorious but a turbulent life, all of which contributed to the creation of his towering persona in the annals of history and deservingly so. But most popularly, he is known to be person who led Indian victory in the 1971 war…

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There are at least three different endings that I can think of, that would have prevented me from using THOSE words we helplessly used earlier for Kabir Singh. Problematic and Toxic. And this is just physical violence, there is no discomfort or provocation; "mental violence" as Vanga claims to be one of the film's traits. None of it. It's just more action in blood red. Maine dekha hai, ye sab bahut. As a movie buff, this is cute to my eyes. Par Maza aaya every now and then.

"Sandeep Reddy Vanga is a provocateur... in his head."

Gotta respect Joaquin Phoenix’s commitment to becoming Hollywood’s go to guy when they need to cast a narcissistic little freak with mommy issues

Can’t wait for Sofia Coppola’s Josephine

Ridley Scott has never been shy about mocking the infinite smallness of man’s thirst for power (a tendency made all the more enjoyable by the cigar-chomping brio of a director who runs his sets like a rogue general in command of his own private army), but I still wasn’t prepared for the extent to which his latest film utterly humiliates one of history’s most ambitious rulers.

Scott’s decision to reunite with Joaquin Phoenix should’ve been my first clue that “Napoleon”…