6 Films to watch if you Liked Kate on Netflix

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Kate, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is now streaming on Netflix. Produced by Hollywood’s quintessential action and stunt man David Leitch, it centers around a female assassin, who plots a revenge plan after being injected with a fatally poisonous substance. The all too familiar plot and associated revelations come with a committed performance from Winstead and a promising debut from Miku Martineau. One highlight of the film that is bound to catch mass attention in the same way the bathroom scene did when ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout‘ was released is the scene where Winstead’s Kate visits Kojima’s henchmen for information. Netflix has recently seen an influx of films that cater to genre purists, and specifically, the gender usually ignored. The streaming platform recently saw the successful release of another similar film, Gunpowder Milkshake, and the Bob Odenkirk starrer Nobody earlier in the year. From Luc Besson's Lucy to John Wick, we decided to put together a list of movies like Kate with an equally gory and violent temperament for you to enjoy. Happy reading!

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