Every David Lowery Film, Ranked

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There’s no other way to put it: David Lowery is not just another indie cinema voice now. The 40-year-old American filmmaker has established his seminal skill of telling profoundly visual tales. His films don’t just comment on human nature, they also establish a larger theme to drive the impact home. Which clearly means walking the tightrope between style and substance to an extent. What makes Lowery’s work stand out is that he walks it gracefully and pulls his strings like only a true master does.

Born in Wisconsin and raised in Texas, David Lowery debuted with his first short film Lullaby at the age of 19. In fact, he made eight other short films after this including an animated documentary on his life. Recently, he has made one for the Cannes-selected anthology ‘The Year of the Everlasting Storm’. He went on to direct his first debut feature film St. Nick (2009), which went to festivals like SXSW but got largely unnoticed. He finally made his original breakthrough with the Sundance romance Ain’t Them Bodies Saints in 2013. Lowery isn’t the kind of filmmaker who offers you a specific style or a signature of work. And yet, the feeling of being left out and going anti-establishment informs all his films. His work is often personal for me, and his work has often tended to shift something inside me.

In this piece, we have ranked every film David Lowery has directed from Pete's Dragon to A Ghost Story. The list doesn’t include any of his short films and his widely unavailable debut St. Nick.

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