The 10 Best Roman Polański Movies

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Almost every publication, article, documentary or podcast on Roman Polański includes the adjective ‘controversial or ‘problematic’. It goes without saying, that this is done for all the right reasons. During the heated discussion about Polański’s personal life, his artistic achievements become a secondary matter. Overlooking his filmography would be a true loss and disrespect towards dozens of talented people that helped to shape it. Among his frequent collaborators were composers: Krzysztof Komeda and Alexandre Desplat, director of photography Paweł Edelman, screenwriter Gérard Brach as well as an actress (and wife) Emmanuelle Seigner. 

The cinema of Roman Polański revolves around traumas caused by dehumanization, the invasion of safe and familiar spaces as well as deviating sexual encounters. Having witnessed and caused a lot of horrors in his own life, Polański is best known for his mastery in building tension and creating a feeling of discomfort in the viewer.

Although primarily known for thrillers and horrors, Roman Polański excelled also in comedies (The Fearless Vampire Killers) and history (Macbeth) or period pieces (Tess). Moreover, in his filmography, we can find family-friendly movies (Olliver Twist) and thought-provoking short films (Mammals and Two Men and a Wardrobe)

In the following list, we've selected the 10 best movies from Chinatown to Repulsion that Roman Polanksi has directed:

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