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This review may contain spoilers.

Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

Okay, so I’ve been sitting here thinking about this movie for the last 24 hours or so and the more I think about it, the more I dislike The Last Jedi. Now I’m not going to say that The Last Jedi is a bad movie because it’s certainly not; it takes some chances that I think worked. But I guess I can say that I was disappointed that this movie didn’t explore a couple of storylines to their fullest potential.

Firstly, what works? Luke/Rey/Kylo. The Luke and Rey dynamic was really well done, but I thought the Rey and Kylo connection was by far and away the best part of the film. Each character’s internal struggle about who they are and where they fit in was so intriguing and their interactions were all so well done. I wish it had made up 90% of the movie, but there was just too much focus on other characters, which is understandable, but honestly, I just don’t care about Finn and I didn’t care for Rose.

One of my issues with this movie is that for a story that takes place in a “galaxy far far away”, it felt small to me. Most of the movie takes place in two locations; Luke’s island and the Resistance ship. Only Finn and Rose really get to explore other places and as I stated, I didn’t really care about them.

My biggest problem with this movie is that I don’t think it explored a couple of storylines to their fullest potential. The first being Snoke. Coming out of The Force Awakens, there were a lot of theories about Snoke and for the most part, they were pretty intriguing. So going into this movie, that was a storyline that I was hoping would be explored, but then Kylo kills him. Now, I do like that Kylo killed him (it was the most “HOLY SHIT” moment of the movie) because it means that going forward Kylo is now the Supreme Leader, which hopefully means we’ll finally get to explore the Knights of Ren. So I feel like that could work, but why not explore Snoke before his death? Who was he really? Why is he so powerful? How did he become Supreme Leader? Feels like a waste. Now they might go into that in the next movie, but it would feel out of place. The Last Jedi was the right time.

The second storyline that I don’t think was explored fully, well, it’s obviously Rey’s parents. I mean, what an anticlimactic reveal. Much like the Snoke theories coming out of The Force Awakens, there were a lot of theories about who Rey’s parents were and they were even more intriguing. Well, it turns out that Rey’s parents were nobodies. No names. Just 2 blank people. Now does this make Rey more interesting? Possibly, but it doesn’t really feel like it at the moment. I guess my problem is that after all the anticipation and all the talk about Rey and her backstory; who is she, where does she come from, who are her parents, that reveal just felt so uninspired. A total let down.

I guess I’m having my own internal struggle with how I feel. The Last Jedi is a good and I can’t hate a movie that gives me a character as special as Rey, but I do think there was a lot left on the table here that could have made it something truly great.

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