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  • Proud Heritage

    Proud Heritage


    Historical retelling of the last reigning years of the Romanian voivod Mircea; father of Vlad Dracul and grandfather of Vlad Tepes.

    Mircea, like it seems, many other Romanian rulers through history, has to contend with pressure from other European empires; Hungary, Poland, Germany; to avoid becoming a vassal state. He also has the omnipresent threat of the Ottoman empire who see Romania as a stepping stone into Europe. If that was not enough, he also has to deal with enemies…

  • Tristan and Isolde

    Tristan and Isolde


    Weirdest film i've ever seen. I should really give it an extra star for the pompous majesty of the score by jazz-prog sorcerers Magma but that would be a five star rating, which I cannot allow!

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  • A Promise of Bed

    A Promise of Bed


    A three part comedy without anything remotely approaching any humour in it! After 35 minutes I had resolved that this would be the first film which I would award a half star letterboxd rating too. This was after suffering the turgid Part One with Dennis Waterman as a photographer who gets a lot more than he expected when on a job and the first few minutes of the moribund and depressing Part Two.
    Once the second part got going though…

  • The Seven Cervi Brothers

    The Seven Cervi Brothers



    The true story of the seven Cervi brothers and their extended family of parents, sisters, wives and children.

    The film begins shortly before Italy enters into World War 2. The Cervi's have been brought up to oppose fascism but as rural farmers they are powerless to do much about it. One brother, Aldo, played by Gian Maria Volonte befriends a stage actress who he discovers is involved with the left wing political underground and the brothers become…