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  • Raining in the Mountain

    Raining in the Mountain


    Another grandiose wuxia thriller from King Hu. This one heavily favors the espionage thrills over the kung fu action, but it’s as atmospheric and entertaining as his other pictures. There are some truly breathtaking shots in thing, along with those great lateral camera moves. 

    This one definitely ranks as my least favorite of Hu’s pictures I’ve seen thus far. It isn’t as engaging as many of his earlier efforts and the plot never feels like it’s leading to anything satisfying.…

  • Shaolin Wooden Men

    Shaolin Wooden Men


    Had a lot of fun with this one. I’m coming around on these early Jackie flicks, trying not to compare them to his stunt focused 80s works and take them as serious kung fu efforts of their time.
    Seeing Jackie as a mute is  intriguing, but his character is more complex than that. He stars as Little Mute, a kung fu student hoping that one day he’ll find his father’s murderer. He trains in every style available to him, really…

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  • The Fate of Lee Khan

    The Fate of Lee Khan


    This has to be my new favorite King Hu flick. It’s as heavy with its intrigue as it is light with its comedy. The picture moves at lighting speed, but those first 30 minutes or so are truly something else; what feels like dozens of comedic setups can erupt into violence at any moment. 

    Hu’s usual players are all over this thing, making notable work with Hsu Feng in a chilling villainous role. Angela Mao steals the show though, as…

  • What Have They Done to Your Daughters?

    What Have They Done to Your Daughters?


    Great mix of police procedural and Giallo mayhem. This one is ultra violent, even by Giallo standards. The cast is solid, the editing is swift, and the photography has some rather striking moments. Many of these Italian genre flicks will switch up their tones whether they are trying be sexy or comical but this one is bare and focused, and it never breaks its dour mood.

    Took me a bit to catch on that the main theme had been refashioned…