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  • Angel Guts: Red Porno

    Angel Guts: Red Porno


    Listen, I'm not gonna pretend this is any less sleazy than other pinku, but there is a certain sense of self-awareness here on several levels that I appreciate. The film starts out with Nami being stalked, but then she masturbates alone in her apartment, which at least inside the film immediately separates her own sexuality from those of men, while the supporting male character afterwards does the same in his room but not without spying on his neighbour and looking…

  • Le Mistral, Beautiful But Terrible

    Le Mistral, Beautiful But Terrible


    “Wrapped in the skin of this form that is known as the body lies the memories and the soul of that self. So too, the skin of the film is the emulsion which holds together all the photochemical secrets just under its surface. This work is a testament to my unwrapping of these two energies and blending those photochemical secrets with my energy of unconscious … sometimes conscious memories of the events that took place upon the expulsion of one…

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  • First Name: Carmen

    First Name: Carmen


    The real tea here is that Adjani was supposed to play Carmen, but left the set after finding it too difficult to work with Godard. This happened after she played Anna in Zulawski's Possession. Just let that sink in.

  • Romance



    Comparing this to Nymphomaniac or Fifty Shades of Grey (lol), both released more than a decade later and one made by a man (projecting himself on female characters no less), is about as meaningless as it gets.
    This was my first Breillat film and I've seen 6 others by now and when you try to watch a director's work on their own terms, you start to see a thread going through everything they do. With Breillat it becomes clear that…