Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

Last night I had the sneaking suspicion that a viewing of "Singin in the Rain's" stunning Technicolor in 4K would nourish some crestfallen part of my soul. I was right! Not sure what was in the air in Hollywood in the early 1950's that made the town grow self-reflexive about the end of the silent era ("Sunset Boulevard" was two years earlier—now that would be an interesting double feature), but the nostalgic tone lends itself to this relatively low-stakes and charming musical, one that pokes gentle fun at the industry's own tendency towards hagiography. Having seen Gene Kelly in "An American in Paris" and "Brigadoon," I perhaps knew something of what to expect here, though there is the initial surprise that this 70+ year-old film is still quite funny and packs much more sex appeal than one might expect from its sacred canon reputation.

Dream movie party would be a screening of this with Tom Cruise (he talks about its influence here: ) and John Woo ( ) in attendance.

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