Suspiria ★★★★½

i love the atmosphere luca created with this film, i think this is where it mainly excels. suspiria is structured at such a leisurely pace, the first actual horrific moment comes over half an hour in, unusual for modern horror, but from that first title card, the dread is immediate.

luca has a tendency to pause on shots of empty rooms, most likely from his background in interior design, and it’s these shots that help embed unease, atmosphere, ambience in suspiria. he does this in cmbyn too, but for that film, he creates an environment that feels visceral, languid. 

side note: i love that all the “spells” in the film are done in-camera or in post (zooms, rack focus, fades, intercuts). it’s refreshing for a supernatural film to not have cheap cgi and rather rely on film itself.

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