The Banshees of Inisherin

The Banshees of Inisherin ★★★★½

To me, this is a perfect script delivered perfectly by its actors. Its ideas are potent: the way people externalize insecurities onto those we’re closest with; can decent people make important art; etc. But - and, once again, I really do think I love this movie - McDonough’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. He is a playwright, not a filmmaker. Like, he’s totally competent as a director but the themes, motifs, etc. are in the script and its delivery, never in the visuals. It’s pretty to look at but it’d be hard to make rural Ireland look ugly. Any and all visual metaphor (a road literally dividing to two paths) are obvious and boring. He’s great with performers, but I wish he’d let someone with a more discerning eye for the visual language of film take the reins.

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