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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

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  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


    There were plenty of sniffles to open and close this film and I appreciated the level of respect exhibited by acknowledging the real world grief that audiences will be coming into this film with.

    I was a big fan of the additional worlds created and explored, and while some may criticize the fact that most MCU films follow a very formulaic script, I was intrigued by the new antagonist, and his back story, as well.

    I also found this movie…

  • TÁR



    Tár can currently fit anywhere in my top three of 2022 so far and was, on a purely technical level, the best film I have probably seen so far this year.

    Blanchett, despite already having my utmost respect, somehow still stuns in the titular role, elevating her already lofty status and likely placing herself in the driver's seat for a gold statue a few months down the road.

    I also appreciated the restraint Fields showed as he leisurely reveals the…

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  • The Hill

    The Hill


    This was the most pleasantly impressed I have been left coming away from a Sidney Lumet film as the tight narrative and gorgeously transporting cinematography made this underrated gem easy to get lost in...even if not always "fun".

    The themes and messages The Hill explores and convey may not be as innovative or groundbreaking today but can still prove important and inspiring when reinforced in such a technically stumulating style.

    Harry Andrews was dreadfully good as the #2 in charge,…

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    Thunder Road is the strongest of Jim Cummings three feature films and focuses on an addictively engaging protagonist, facing deepening personal and professional struggles, as the vehicle to showcase his unique style.

    Cummings expertly blends the hilariously dry observational humor with a sharp, and deeply felt, poignancy that can be pleasantly jarring as he is able to vacillate between these two, often opposing emotions, at whiplash inducing speed.

    I love how Cummings can make certain aspects of his character so relatable on a basic human level, while also providing commentary or physical responses that are so entertainingly extreme on the spectrum of expected reactions. 8.5/10

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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    This film somehow lived up to the immense, albeit thankfully well deserved, praise it has been receiving and offers a truly unique and memorable experience, a seemingly rarer and rarer occurence these days.

    Wildly entertaining while still carrying quite an emotional load, I got goosebumps more than a few times, with the rocks hitting me especially hard.

    The more a film affects me emotionally the harder I find it can be to write about, and while this film definitely will…