21 Up

21 Up ★★★★½

These participants all deserve a tremendous amount of thanks for even agreeing to participate in something like this during such formative years. I'm overly impressed with their ability to formulate their thoughts, projections, and emotions so clearly and am continually fascinated, despite feeling slightly voyeuristic.

Paul was probably my favorite in this installment and I absolutely loved hearing him reflect on the idea of happiness, as well as the changes he has intentionally made to transform the person he was at 14 into the person he wants to be at 21.

I also really got a kick out of Tony and definitely had a soft spot for the seven year old he was. I was sad at first to hear he was no longer pursuing his career as a jockey but then totally inspired with his positivity and work ethic as he seems to be happy as he keeps moving forward with his life goals.

Neil was probably my favorite from the original so I was definitely a little sad to see his life taking a more difficult path at the moment and will definitely be rooting for him to find that spark by the time we revisit him at 28.

Lastly, I also got a kick out of Suzy at 21 discussing her lack of enthusiasm and not wanting to participate in this anymore at 14, which was so evident in the previous installment, whether she ever admitted it or not. 8.5/10

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