28 Up

28 Up ★★★★½

I'm still really digging this totally unique social project and feel a stronger emotional stake in these updates as each new segment appears.

I was so happy to see Tony married with two kids, one being his son, when the first segment began. It also appeared Suzy and Andrew may have softened somewhat, or at least became more self aware, as a result of their marriages.

Paul looked like he was living his best life down under and seems to have found a really good partner who has made him a happier, more confident, and content guy.

The toughest watch here was no doubt my guy Neil who I have felt most drawn to since the beginning of this and unfortunately have been able to sympathize with to a large degree throughout most of this series. He nearly brought me to tears here and had me wishing I could go back four decades, give him a hug, and explain what society has learned regarding mental health issues in 2022.

I was happy the film concluded with Simon, who may have made me happiest in this installment, similar to the way Paul did in the previous special. He appeared so much more confident and content with the path his life was taking, while also nonchalantly starting a family and having five new children with his wife in the intervening seven years.

I was disappointed a few of the original personalities chose not to participate this time but figured this was an unavoidable likelihood at some point as well, and was actually a bit surprised they all had returned for 21.

I'm excited to now see how these very different people I feel I've come to know as individuals to some small degree, will now appear and get on in the time periods I will finally start being able to recognize having, unlike in this and the previous specials, lived through them as well.

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