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  • Effi Briest

    Effi Briest


    Fassbinder's whole approach in this film is to have all the melodramatic content occur offscreen, but his dedication to this method is overly theoretical (not real) and made me lose interest in the story.

    I love how Fassbinder has his characters at the end of each scene sit completely still, in repose. Feels like theater – the camera tracks back, and the narrator describes their next movements, which we don't see. It has this Brechtian distancing effect that fits into Fassbinder's deadpan theatrics.

    Fassbinder has a great sense of framing. wow

  • Seven Beauties

    Seven Beauties


    Has moments of Fellini-esque wonder, as well as moments of ham theatrics that should've been toned down.

    Generally a simple/joyful film, but the movie tonally shifts in the end to something very serious. Works well to convey its message – one must surrender their sense of dignity in order to survive the war. I love when a film turns into something new, revealing unseen depth.

    The opening is one of my favorite rapid fire montages (ironic music).

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    I don't get the hype. I found the plot rather dull and the relationships between characters emotionally stunted. Wasn't my idea of fun, but hey, everyone's different.

  • Shoplifters



    I assumed that something bad would happen early in the movie, but this expected inciting incident doesn't come about; the whole movie is essentially just the characters hanging out.

    I don't want to give anything away, but we slowly come to realize the truth about this family, and it blew me away. It's about what it means to call someone your family. It's so powerful. The ending hit me hard.

    I do think the film could've been a little shorter, but I admire a film that allows us to just sit with the characters.