Haldan Hansen

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Favorite films

  • Three Colors: Blue
  • People, Places, Things
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

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  • The Sea Beast


  • Thor: Love and Thunder


  • Spiderhead


  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


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  • The Conversation

    The Conversation


    I love the long quiet pondering shots. The entire surveillance scene is immaculate and gripping. The pace is perfect, though wouldn't be had anyone other than Hackman tried to justify it. What a powerhouse he is. He sells the silence like no one else I've ever seen. He just listens so interestingly. This is easily the best movie I've seen in the last two or three years. It's incredible that Coppola managed to make this right between his two best films: The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II. Although this is maybe my second favorite of his now. Stellar flick.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I have to say that even with my high expectations I was blown away by this. The first two hours are absolutely perfect. Reeves and Pattinson find a fresh take on both Bruce and the Bat. Loved the performance by Pattinson and what he brought to this younger version of the character. I love that there is no origin story. We get flashes of the past but only ever in service of the narrative. The way we are introduced to…

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  • The Sea Beast

    The Sea Beast


    Wow. An instant classic. This has a really fun premise, looks incredible, and keeps things simple. It still ends up feeling very meaningful. The end is alluded too but not overdone and the final confrontation and resolution adheres smartly to the "less is more" mantra. Great characters. Great world. Great story. Great movie.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    Ragnorok but trying too hard.

    I do like Thor's emotional journey. It's not a well-written and intricate plot that makes these movies worth watching to me. These are comic book movies. People come back to them for the spectacle second. Character comes first. If it was all just blockbuster nonsense driving things, people would have gotten bored a long time ago. Taika is pretty good at writing Thor's comedy stuff. The humor as deflation is relatable and really well executed.…

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