The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

I really liked the butterfly effect exploration aspect of this movie. A lot. The idea of one little decision or even the timing of a decision being just right by as little as a few seconds and effecting the rest of your life so heavily is fascinating.

Beyond that I found the actual events of the story compelling. This is a brutal movie and the characters are heavy. There is very little levity and that got tiring. Tom stands out and holds his own with Robert who makes some fascinating acting choices.

The way the different time lines and narratives overlap and come together throughout this flick and at the end is very satisfying.

I struggle to see the point of this story past the fact that some people just have it really tough. And some people.... are just straight crazy. It reminds me a bit of the beginning of "Magnolia" by PTA. The weird coincidences of life is almost the point here.

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