Annette ★★★½

I’m still not sure how to feel about this one, and even my rating feels like it could change at any time (either up or down), but it’s definitely something completely unique and filled with drama and pain. An anti-musical of sorts, where the captivating music slowly turns into something mundane, as it hides the most violent and devastating situations, and we avoid silence to deflect from reality.

The first half was amazing, like a pathetic, ridiculous and an eccentric look at life; just really interesting ideas about performance and authenticity that take form in music and bizarre relationships. But, and maybe it had to do more with the film’s length and my attention span, the story kind of became repetitive and uninspired, and it just didn’t do as much for me, except for some particular scenes.

I believe I need to rewatch this to make sense of it, but there’s definitely something interesting here, with amazing performances (particularly Adam Driver’s) that make up the most bizarre musical I’ve ever seen. Of course this is John Water’s favorite movie of the year.

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