Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

If you told me to talk for an hour about the reasons I loved this movie, I'd be really hard for me, because this is something that goes beyond words. It's like living inside a Dalí painting, that same feeling you get for your dreams, with things that make you feel a lot, things that are multiple at the same time, that don't really make sense but they do. This surreal feeling is what makes the film, something that gets under your skin, two hours and a half that go by as part of your life.

I had to go out for five minutes while watching the film, and once again when it finished, I felt...weird. I couldn't shake the movie and the feeling out of my head (I still can't), I was feeling really self-conscious, and aware of the sounds and the people around me, every time I had to go around a corner I kind of hesitated. It may sound kind of dumb, but I think that's the power of Mulholland Drive, something that lies beyond what you see, things you can't grasp but you can feel.

I'm completely sure I didn't fully understand the movie, and that made me like it even more, as I said, it's like a dream. Everything that's part of the film gives this amazing feeling, the unnerving shots, and camera movement, the seemingly disconnected scenes, the color, and the music. Naomi Watts is amazing here, shaping the performance as the movie twists along.

This is my second Lynch film and his style is appealing to me, he has a way of mixing this amazing and surreal structure and feeling, and at the same time, being able to do some social commentary. This movie was everything and I don't know where to take it from, I'm gonna watch again soon because I'm sure it won't leave my head. The scene with the audition and the "Silencio" scene were my favorites.

Maybe I will never wake up from this dream.

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