Spotlight ★★★★½

I think it's been almost five years since the last time I saw this film, and I had forgotten how difficult and shocking this thing is, while also being a great piece of filmmaking and journalism.

I think Tom McCarthy's script is fantastically sharp, giving the story a great approach to such a delicate subject, moving in a way that lets us see the flow of the investigation and the disgusting implications of the scandal. It also highlights all the investigative and journalist work that went behind the story, giving a sense of reality to the whole thing, and supported with a fantastic cast (particularly Mark Ruffalo).

I don't think I have words for the actual subject of the movie, it's something that leaves me speechless and disgusted every time. But I have to say that there's some great use of imagery thorough, creating parallels and contrasts that reinforce of idea and places multiple questions; the public and the private, beliefs, indoctrination, the power held by religion and media, etc. One of my favorites but a really hard watch.

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