The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

"She said she was terrified of being alone. Terrified of living without him. That when she left, she'd be like Bambi on the ice. And that was precisely why she had to do it. Aksel mumbled soothing words she didn't hear. She was thinking about how, at the age of 30, she'd just compared herself to Bambi."

It's the fourth time I watch this movie (probably won't watch it again in at least a year), and the more I see it the more it becomes like a sort of quiet and meditative reflection. It's beautiful and energetic and embracingly lost, but it is also about those silent instants, those shots of someone just looking out, trying to process life... because that's all we can do sometimes. And it's tender, and it's heartbreaking, and it's a lot, but we'll have time to figure things out.

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