Blue Ruin ★★★★

When Carl, Hope and Kris show up at the Cleland home to check the messages on the answering machine, I had a bit of a laugh because they came in like a tornado of Tasmanian tweekers - "RAH CHECK THE MESSAGES RAH YEAH CHECK 'EM BLUUURGH RAH!"

I really enjoyed the scenes with Buzz McCallister [Ben]; Macon Blair [Dwight] carried the film effortlessly, whether he was puking on the side of the road or dumpster diving for his dinner, I believed for every second that he was the weak, troubled drifter looking to sloppily protect the remaining members of his family and settle a feud [I hope you read "feud" in Louie Anderson's voice].

Blue Ruin was just as good as I was led to believe and now I'm going to light a fire under my ass to watch Jeremy Saulnier's Murder Party, which was suggested to me almost eight years ago.

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