Lords of Chaos ★★★½

If you're looking for a documentary on "true Norwegian black metal," this isn't it. Lords of Chaos is for the morbid people who would click on Euronymous' wikipedia page and scroll straight to Murder & Aftermath and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, is it an exploitation of an event? Yeah, pretty much. It's about edgelords and the chaos they created within their small [anti]social circle and how their one-upping posturing affected everyone, but especially the relatively peaceful people & nature of Norway.

I liked the way Åkerlund contrasted the black circle boys with every day early '90s Norwegians, with popular past Norwegian Eurovision pop songs playing in passing cars & on gas station radios, unkempt long-haired, metal nerds grubbing on kebabs in a packed, bright & fluorescent after-hours joint, closeups of brunost på knekkebrød and little sisters wearing their Mariusgenser, people lurking around the Rockefeller in Oslo, this may be weird to say but Åkerlund provided a truly heartfelt look @ Norway: stunning landscapes, rotten warts and all. The long bright days and white nights of summer can't exist without the short, consuming dark days in winter, and as humans we're easily captivated by the whispered, sordid, mutating legends/histories associated with both sides.

I'm not at all surprised a musician's murder was exploited in a true crime movie but I am surprised there wasn't one made in the fuckin' true crime lovin' TV movie of the Week 1990s.

[*Rory Culkin was really good too, I liked how he basically tried to sound like one of the Skarsgård boys speaking English*]

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