The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

There really isn't anything quite as disappointing as when you go a while without watching one of your past favorite horror films and it just is not quite as good as it once was for you. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is still a hell of a lot of fun but I am not sure if I can still say that I enjoy it more than the original (I didn't say it is better than the original, just that I used to have more fun with it/liked it more).

TCM 2 starts out so strong, The Cramps, Oingo Boingo, great Savini FX on display, it is almost hard to top that. I can not go without mentioning the bizarre and hilarious scene with "Lefty" (Hopper) at a small store buying some chainsaws and going to town on a large piece of timber as the store clerk is in the background genuinely laughing his head off.

And then, there's the fact that Chop Top's debut is quite legendary (according to me)!! Seeing Chop Top (Moseley) slowly approach Stretch, at the radio station KOKLA, with the very Bava-esque coloring, red and green lighting up his face as he is flawlessly delivering the one-liners, the comedic undertones are there but Moseley manages to be menacing and a little scary too, it is my favorite scene in the entire movie. As Stretch slowly backs up, growing increasingly anxious, Chop Top becoming less inquisitive and more demanding, Leatherface bursts through the wall like the fucking Kool-Aid man, scaring the hell out of me every. single. time. That was such a great introduction to those two characters that from the end of that scene on I felt a little underwhelmed in comparison to the first half as Chop Top begins to grate on my nerves a little bit more than he used to and the story gets more and more ridiculos[ly awesome].

Another thing that grated on me a bit more than before was Stretch (Caroline Williams), it is very, very clear that she was hired more on her ability to belt out screams and look out of her mind than her ability to act. But, in a movie like this, I think it is a bit more forgiving.

I never really noticed before that Dennis Hopper's lines in the movie come off as incredibly out of place/nonsensical at times! The former Texas ranger (Lefty) transforms into a religious nut seemingly out of nowhere! That doesn't mean that he wasn't great though, I just have a feeling he was incredibly fucked up on set and off... The whole movie had an under-the-influence feel as I wouldn't be surprised if Tobe Hooper was on cocaine at the time (something which, allegedly, came up on the set of Poltergeist) was the 80s after all. Between Hooper and Hopper probably out of their minds, the ADHD-energy coming off of Moseley and Siedow and then Williams' incessant-screaming on top of that, the movie loses a little bit of its cohesion later on and gets a little more than chaotic, bordering on absurd.

Regardless of my rating dropping from 5 stars to 4, I still love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and it remains one of my favorite horror movie sequels of all time. Arrow has released a wonderful blu-ray of this cult classic and as a friend of mine once said, "lick my plate, you dog dick."

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