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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Not a lot of depth or texture to this superhero origin movie, but I did quite enjoy the twistiness of the plot and particularly the anti-imperialist/pro-refugee slant on said plot twists. It will be interesting to see if Larson can get this character to stick in the zeitgeist the way the original Avengers have. Shout out to the blink-and-you'll-miss-it Kelly Sue DeConnick cameo.

  • Shazam!



    A fine fun superhero movie, with the highlight being a particularly inspired bit of stunt casting towards the end. I think the way to summarize my feelings on the film is to say that when I got home afterward, my first instinct was to begin a reread of "Miracleman" — and let me tell you, Alan Moore's take on the whole concept is as biting as ever.

Popular reviews

  • Captain America: The First Avenger

    Captain America: The First Avenger


    One of the most unique entries in the MCU, and I love it for that. In my view it's held up very well over time, to the point that I actually might enjoy it more now than I did when it was first released - not least because of Hayley Atwell's amazing performance as Peggy Carter.

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Finally watched this movie in preparation for the Oscars and found it to be comically awful in a way that does make me think less of everyone who’s given this movie an award or even called it one of 2018’s best films. A nonstop cliche parade, it’s basically a greatest hits collection of every corny movie you’ve ever seen about the civil rights ‘60s. Mahershala Ali brings enough oomph to make a couple scenes worthwhile, but I’ll still pretend his…