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  • Billionaire Boys Club

    Billionaire Boys Club


    Somewhere between five and eight young guys play dress up in big boy Miami Vice inspired cokehead clothes for this $126 box office opening day flop, dumped unannounced on less than ten screens to fulfill a bare minimum contractual obligation. It was not cool at the time to have a Kevin Spacey film in the chamber, and yet without his generous amount of screen time, there’s little left to care about.

    Emma Roberts and Judd Nelson (who starred in the…

  • Mobsters



    Four young guys play dress up in big boy gangster clothes for a movie so unwaveringly bland that it has no reason to exist. Typically one needs to produce cringe to be this unwatchable as a Hollywood product but, questionable accents aside, Mobsters simply pulls a hat trick with no rabbit. It’s unmistakably empty and yet it stands there in a pin striped suit and says “Behold!”.

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  • Ed



    As a documentarian, writer Ken Richards explored the effects of Western-style modernization in the transition of technologically developing nations, the ecological impact of industrial deforestation and pollution, and letters written by fallen American soldiers.

    The first thing said when he arrived to Hollywood: "Our marketing analysis shows that people respond positively to sports and cute animals."

  • Oscar



    Kicked swiftly into the trash bin in 1991, Oscar can now crawl out from the dark cloud cast by critics over Sly Stallone's transition to comedy.

    For fans of the speedy screwball banter of His Girl Friday or Clue, who might not always be in the mood for Aaron Sorkin's intellectualism, this mob comedy delivers nonstop (ormymomwillshoot).