On the Job

On the Job ★★★★★

"Putang-ina niyong lahat!"

Bumping this up to a five after this HBO Go rewatch because, 'tang-inaaa!, On the Job aged so, so well.

A towering performance from Joel Torre; a scene-stealing, middle-finger-raising Joey Marquez; a highly-dependable, big-ass ensemble cast; Erwin Romulo's electric score; Jay Halili's slick editing -- that hospital-to-the-streets-of-Manila chase sequence -- 'tang-inaaa!; Francis Ricardo Buhay III's gritty photography; Michiko Yamamoto & Erik Matti's layered and gripping screenplay; and Matti's near-perfect execution, pun very much intended -- a masterpiece of a neo-noir crime thriller indeed.

Originally seen last August 31, 2013 in SM City North EDSA.