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“One hundred years ago on the 21st of April, out in the waters around Spivey Point, a small clipper ship drew toward land...”

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  • Luck



    More like "Fuck." Hey Tone, did you hear? I said "More like "Fuck"!"

    Cut from the piece: The Hollywood Reporter piece neglects, for instance, to mention that Pixar had guys on staff whose job it was to make sure Lasseter didn't behave like an untoward sexist around the office. The man was only 60, it's not like he'd lost his mind to dementia and had to be reminded not to grab someone's ass. He knew right from wrong; his biggest successes…

  • Invaders from Mars

    Invaders from Mars



    I've been eating sleeping living breathing Invaders From Mars for the last three months while working with Ignite on the disc release so it was really exciting to watch Tobe's film again after spending so long studying William Cameron Menzies's frames. Comparing them (and appreciating anew Tobe's camera balletic choreography) was a blast. The difference between early cinema and modernism in two movies about the same thing. And the great thing is having both means we don't have to choose. A great home-made nightmare that looks like a beautiful living graphic novel or one that has some of the Coppola post-classical classicism.

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  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man



    I was pleased not to have to write specifically about this movie because I wasn't in the mood to deconstruct why it works so well. It's amazing and tense. It fucking shreds. Isn't that enough? For once I didn't have to think overlong about character and whether or not I liked anyone or cared about their journey. Unlike Revolver it's not that kind of movie. Ritchie's in shark mode here, which revealed something kind of interesting about him. In…

  • Hereditary



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


    Maybe it's me but there's something kind of cheap and tawdry about giving your character a sort of accentuated handicap and playing it for scares? The treatment of Charlie broke the spell the movie attempts to cast in the first ten minutes. She produces a chocolate bar from her pocket that neither parent knows the origins of, hinting that she's one of those magic children movies love that just does things to which the parents of a heavily troubled…