Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★


Fun and pointed in the right direction but here’s something American filmmaker need to remember: the more you lean on the emotional stakes, the less your film is the satire you imagine it to be. If I care about Adam Brody then you’ve taken the political ideas and made them emotional ones, which doesn’t work. Mr. Freedom’s love for Capitan Formidable doesn’t end with Us crying. His emotions are part of the joke. Not the case here, where we have to have the CW-style romance Mean something. I know this is already playing for some people which means it’s working for a goodly sum of the audience and yeah I laughed and cringed, I had fun, but that’s not quite enough now. I don’t want to be asked to feel bad for Tiffany Trump. I’m all out of whatever you call that, and just because she’s Adam Brody doesn’t mean I don’t see what’s happening.