Lightyear ★★★★

this was one of my most anticipated films for the entire year, so once the advance ticket sale started, I immediately grabbed myself tickets to the very first possible (a Wednesday 12:50) IMAX screening and - have basically been holding my breath ever since, trying my best to avoid all the feedback & early reviews to get the most out of the movie & go in with optimistic but minimal expectations...

...and I am happy to report that I loved the film!💚👨‍🚀🚀💜

the animation looks gorgeous and I think Chris Evans did Tim Allen proud with his voice work♡

story-wise it's okay... leans on a looot of other big sci-fi movies from the last 50 (or so) years, but since it's supposed to be a '90s kid's (Andy from Toy Story (1996)) favourite movie, my only slight annoyance with it is that it also references sci-fi films that came after 1996!😂

nevertheless, I had a blast watching Buzz's ventures on an IMAX screen (even with the additional accidental fly action that took place on the cinema screen🪰) and will probably go see it again a couple of times just to treat myself♡

"To infinity." "And beyond."

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