Room 13

Room 13 ★★★½

"Pretty soon, every Scotland Yarder in Britain will be looking high and low for that booty."

This saucy Harald Reinl krimi (the director's ninth) features a gangster named Joe Legge (Richard Häussler, the doomed doctor from The Indian Scarf) who's planning an elaborate train robbery (which his men pull off wearing the traditional black bandit masks) and blackmails M.P. Sir Robert Marney (Walter Rilla) into aiding him. Wishing to shield his daughter Denise (Karin Dor), Sir Robert hires Johnny Gray (Joachim Fuchsberger) -- "the best detective in London" -- for protection, which she definitely needs since a mysterious figure wearing black leather gloves and wielding a razor has begun slicing their way through the female populace.

Room 13 also features Eddi Arent as Dr. Higgins, the Yard's resident crime scene investigator, who talks to his mannequin as if it were real and disguises himself as an Italian waiter (complete with mustache) when he and Johnny have to infiltrate Joe Legge's strip club. I don't know why, but my attitude toward Arent's antics has definitely softened since I first started watching these movies and, more often than not, found him to be an irritant.