Mad Max

Mad Max ★★★

A good start to an amazing series, Mad Max is a revenge story set in Australia, Mad Max is a franchise of post apocalyptic movies of insane fun, but this first installment shows the beginning of society’s downfall into anarchy and madness. What brings this movie down for me is that it doesn’t become a revenge story till about half way through the first half is just a series of events between the police, the biker gang led by Toe Cutter. I just wish there was some more in this movie in the first half, not necessarily action ( there’s a good amount of that) just more with the side characters, such as max’s Police friends ( excluding max’s Best friend goose). The opening is just adrenaline pumping and crazy. The movie ends on a high. All around I think you should watch this if you are a fan of mad max, but if your looking for a full on adrenaline rush throughout then watch the sequels.