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  • Who's Singin' Over There?
  • His Girl Friday
  • A Story of the Forest: Mavka
  • Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

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  • The American Scream


  • Beyond the Door III


  • Accidental Activist


  • Song of the Blind Girl


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  • The American Scream

    The American Scream


    Eyyy I think I really liked this!

    It reminded me a bit of Ryan's Babe in that, at first glance it looks like just a movie, but upon further inspection there is just so much off. It starts out as your typical 80s sex comedy, but then some slasher elements are introduced. And it might just be that, a goofy horror comedy? But throughout it's just so tonally inconsistent! There's so much seemingly random stuff happening, and most of it…

  • Beyond the Door III

    Beyond the Door III


    Awesome, relatively obscure little horror flick (I'm sure Vinegar Syndrome's release a few years back helped its popularity) that in typical Euro horror fashion is heavy on atmosphere, light on logic; It's one of those, evil powers at work so anything type a deals. A group of American students travel to Yugoslavia to attend an ancient ritual and oh oh oh.

    I loved the Yugoslavian/Serbian (outdoor) setting. I wish we'd spent more time at the village from the beginning, but…

Popular reviews

  • Titane



    I was quite excited to see this, I mean I love Raw and this won the Palme d’Or after all! So it was quite the disappointment that I ended up not liking this one all that much.

    Don’t get me wrong, its a fantastically made movie. Very well directed, great, daring performances from the two leads, especially newcomer Agathe Rousselle. It looks gorgeous, with this high saturation high contrast cinematography. I just had a bit of a problem with its…

  • 964 Pinocchio

    964 Pinocchio



    If you've seen this you probably know what I'm trying/want to say here. If not, let me at least try and put it to words.

    964 Pinocchio is a Japanese cyberpunk movie that starts out relatively "normal"; A cyborg sex slave escapes, this girl finds him and tries to take care of him while the bad guys look for him. But then, when they bookend the first act with a clean fade-to-black, they decide to go all out.