Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

I enjoyed this. I thought it was overall quite entertaining, pretty funny, the drama was effective and yeah then the movie ended. Honestly nothing really out of the ordinary and played it quite safe structure-wise, but you know, with a funny Hitler.

I'm not quite sure what exactly the point of the setting was? Like sure it provided an opportunity to ridicule Nazi Germany, but I don't know if that's like something necessary to get across? I also saw a bunch of negative reviews but a lot of the times I couldn't make up if they thought it was like offensive or in bad taste because WW2 is something serious, or that it was just cheap to have Hitler say funny things? In the end the setting didn't bother me, I feel like it provided for some good ol' fun. But at the same time it's kinda hard to ignore or not at least mention.

Also, I never know what's the best way to go when a movie produced in a certain country for a certain audience is set in a different country with a different language, i.e. American movies set in foreign country. Inglourious Basterds always comes to mind as an example that did it perfectly, the English characters speak English, Germans German, French French, Italians Italian(ish). Perfect. Here they went with German accents when spoken, mostly German when written. But the accents were all over the place, it honestly didn't sound that good. Jojo's chubby friend straight up forgot to do one and was just a British kid. And I get it, German accent equals funny lol, but I honestly found it quite distracting. Was it better if they just didn't bother with the accents at all? I'm not sure... I guess that's just the problem with setting a movie in a different country/language.

Anyway, yeah I enjoyed this :D

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