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  • Terrifier



    I was skeptical but Terrifier was actually really good!

  • All Hallows' Eve

    All Hallows' Eve


    Didn't like the first two "stories" but really enjoyed the main babysitter plot and the last story that featured Art.

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  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


    Unlike Scary Movie & Cabin in the Woods, this movie is actually funny without being overly stupid. I'm usually not a fan of comedy horror movies because they are usually pure shit with a side of cat piss. However, Tucker & Dale was done well. It kept me laughing while still feeling like an actual horror movie. You can't keep but fall in love with the two idiots and wanting the youngsters to bite the dust. So if you are looking for a horror movie with comedy thrown in, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

  • V/H/S



    This was one of the first movies I had on my Netflix list since I saw it at Best Buy a couple of months ago and it looked interesting. I waited to watch it because I had no idea what the hell I would end up with. But after hearing another member on LETTERBOXD rave about it..I decided it was time to watch it.

    This movie contains 5 random videos of different crazy shit that happens to a bunch of…