Aliens ★★★★½

Watched special addition for the first time as much as I love the sequel I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece James Cameron went for more of an action film with this which I adore but he got rid of the horror aspect which is my favourite part of the franchise I mean just look at the aliens design and what they can do etc it practically screams horror I would have loved a bit more of horror in this tbh. 
But I do love it it’s adds lore to the franchise and I’m much much MORE invested in the lore behind aliens and predators then any other big franchise like Star Wars, terminator, Star Trek, lord of the rings etc I have played all the alien games, all the predator games and read a few comics of each.
The design in this movie for when it came out and even in today’s standards is amazing.
The writing in this movie at times imo can be a bit bad especially in the scene with the marines at the dinner table and a few otter scenes with them but even though I find that problematic because I couldn’t take them seriously on occasions I still love this movie. 
The acting is just phenomenal especially the acting from Sigourney Weaver. 

Side not i shall be watching all the extended additions of the first four alien movies then I shall be watching this timeline order because I totally forgot blade runner is in the same universe as alien Ridley said himself.
Link to the timeline I’ll be watching below
And then I’ll be watch Firefly and Serenity afterwards because they also take place in the Aline universe because in the very first episode the logo for waylands company appears.

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