All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★½

I have been interested in watching this for months just kept putting it aside to I’ll catch it another time & kept on doing that, but when I saw it was on in cinema today in a cinema 10 minutes away from me & the fact I had the day off work I couldn’t miss it!
This was on last week in this cinema but I was at work so missed it which I was gutted about as I really wanted to see this on the big screen not on my tv screen because it’s a war movie they are made for the big screen experience imo.
Now I haven't seen the 30s or 70s movies of AQOTWF but I definitely will at some point, I feel if I saw them before this I may not have enjoyed it as much & I shall test that by re watching this after I watch the other two.
But for now this remains to me INCREDIBLE I was just blown away, I mean truly WOW this movie is the best war movie since Dunkirk it was a soul destroying, mentally gripping, dark gritty, emotionally haunting experience that I won’t forget anytime soon.
The very first scene pulled me right in & the very last scene left me distraught filled with this void of distress, I adored the silent credits it does for a bit at the end that was so satisfying for what happened in this movie.
The writing was truly tremendous it made me love each & every character which only made everything that happened that much more soul torturing.
My god the effects, makeup etc were truly next level incredible & so was the jaw dropping cinematography every shot was nothing short of pure beauty put all that with masterful flawless directing & phenomenal acting you have a great eye catching movie that will go down in the history books.
My only issue with this movie is I didn’t love the editing some is great but i found some editing to be really choppy & irritating.
I can most definitely see this movie winning best picture.

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