Death Note

Death Note ★★★★½

This is the second time I have ever seen this & it’s exactly how I remembered fucking phenomenal & flat out one of my all time favourite shows, it’s such a beautiful piece of pure art.
The last time I saw this was 2017 during exams my friend lent me her dvds so I could watch it & it was my first ever proper anime & from the minute I turned it on I was quite simply hooked.
I was hooked on the beautiful animation, hooked on the flawless design, hooked on the complex story & phenomenal characters, hooked on the hauntingly fantastic script as I said I was quite simply hooked & I was this time round also, then again so are most when they watch this.
But saying that I wouldn’t say the show is a 10/10, that’s not me saying there’s bad episodes because there are not I use to think otherwise because I didn’t like it after episode 25 much but after re watching this I can’t find one episode I don’t like white I definitely think the first half of the season is the best half I still love every episode, after episode 25 the first three episodes are as a bit weaker then most the show which is to be expected given what happens but they are still utterly brilliant. 
The attention to character development & the shows development as a whole throughout is just master level genius the fact more then a decade later this is still one of the highest rated shows of all time says A LOT this aged so brilliantly well like a fine wine. 
Episode 1-17 10/10
Episode 18-21 9/10
Episode 22-25 10/10
Episode 26-28 8/10
Episode 29-32 10/10
Episode 33 9/10
Episode 34-37 10/10

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