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This review may contain spoilers.

Not only is this my favourite Wes movie, my favourite slasher movie, one of my favourite franchises & one of my favourite horror movies in general it’s one of my all time favourite movies just ever the fact I got to see this on the big screen for its 25th anniversary makes me REALLY happy.
Be honest who did you think the killer was when you first watched it? 
When I first saw this movie when I was 14 I was puzzled the entire time trying to figure who the killer was & at first I thought it was Dewey if you didn’t think it was Dewey when you first watched this imma call you a liar lol.
No who it turned out to be was much more shocking like genuinely I didn’t see it coming at all when I first watched it & even to this day I find it mad impressive because the twist is simply genius, when you re watch this time and time again you find that there’s actually a lot of hints in the writing towards it being Stu & Billy the way Kevin Williamson constantly teased the audience at it being them but never giving anything concrete away is fantastic.
Also the fact that Kevin Williamson’s writing makes you feel for every single character in the movie including Billy & Stu is beyond perfect & an extremely hard thing to accomplish in a horror movie, Kevin & Wes’s way of mixing mystery, crime, comedy & horror blends ever so stunningly well while also having self awareness in there fucking masterful. 
Everyone in this movie is perfect & the way they all delivered their lines never disappoints not even once & literally everything in this movie is positively & phenomenally impeccable.

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