Skyfall ★★★★½

Man that was so much better then I remember, the first time I ever saw this was 2013 and 12 year old me didn’t really think much of it ngl, I have seen this movie about 5 times now and the last time I watched this I was 15 I remember thinking it was good but never really loved it.
Before watching this today I couldn’t really remember much about the movie so putting this on today was like watching it for the very first time although I did remember certain scenes extremely well such as the explosion etc.
This is by far Sams best movie is flawlessly directed & my god Roger Deakin's cinematography is so stunning throughout the whole movie, there’s never a bad shot.
My only issue with this movie is a bit of the writing between Silva & Bonds first interaction I don’t hate it by any means just don’t really love a couple of the lines but it’s such a minor issue compared to the rest of this stunningly beautiful movie.
There’s so many reasons I consider Daniel’s Bond to be the best bond as I have said before but I really feel like they made Daniel’s bond the most human out of them all he’s not just a hitman with class like other iterations feel like, Daniel’s bond actually seems to care & have emotion to so much in his movies I really feel like they strike that so perfectly well.
While I do think Mads villain is the best Bond villain out of them all, I’d consider Javier’s villain to be the most scariest & realistic out them all because I’m sure ppl like him have existed in mi6, fbi etc in real life & that concept is done ever so chillingly perfect in this, I absolutely adore the pacing of the movie it’s consistently gripping & consistently incredible. 
While I’d definitely say there’s less action in this than Casino Royale I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing at all because this is a much more story written movie then Daniel’s two beforehand & the fact the story never gets dull, boring or generic is fantastic because that’s quite a hard thing to accomplish in a film like this. 

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