RoboCop ★★★★


What you see is what you get with Robocop, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. There isn't a single thing in this film that surprised me - take a look at the year it was released, the director, the cast, the name of the film and the poster, and I bet you have a pretty good idea what you're in store for. While it didn't quite reach the heights of its fellow 80's peers such as the brilliantly cheesy Commando and the shark eyed The Terminator, there's no denying how extravagant and fun this is. Nothing special by any means, but damn is it a good background film. And depending on the setting and situation, it's better than that. Put it on with a marathon of old 80's action flicks at a sleepover or a party, and there's no way you'll want to skip it, let alone be disappointed with it. Brilliant makeup work in this thing!

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