Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★½

I wanted to revisit this one because I have watched Part 4 more times than any other Friday The 13th, but only seen Part 3 a couple of times over the years. Well, this is pretty much as I remember it, and pretty much on par with most of the Friday The 13th movies. Jason is killing everyone just because, the characters are all fucking idiots that deserve to die, and Jason is more than happy to give them what they deserve. One cool thing about this installment is that this is where Jason first wears his signature hockey mask. So it has that going for it. There are certainly some decent kill scenes as well, but other than those two things, there is not much here to set this apart from any other film in the series in my opinion. Part 4 and Jason X are my favorites in the series, Part 8 and Jason Goes To Hell are my least favorite, and this is just somewhere in the blurry middle with all the rest. Nothing special, but a fun enough mindless watch.

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