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  • Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

    Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters


    Yet another anime power fantasy of the arrogant, narcissistic, angstyboy. Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters follows the dialogue heavy lead of Shin Godzilla, but without the presence of real actors and a generic, tiresome protagonist, Planet of the Monster’s robotic humans fail to evoke any interest or emotion.

    Absolutely baffled by the confidence to begin with a 50 minute exposition dump with these character models a lead character so one note.

    It’s time to retire Eren Yaeger anime.

  • Yellow Fangs

    Yellow Fangs

    Aside from the beautiful landscapes and remarkable cinematography there’s a sense of scale and directorial proficiency to the film that the subject matter almost doesn’t deserve. For as mishandled as the McGuffin of Red Spots is, the Chiba manages to tell an engaging story in the maturation of Yuki that could have been quite special had it been the central focus of the movie.

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  • The Bird People in China

    The Bird People in China


    Can't say that I really knew what to expect when sitting down to watch this movie. I knew that it was supposedly 'completely unlike Miike', but considering that is in itself the mark of Miike's filmography I still didn't have a grasp of what it was going to be.

    The best way that I can think to describe it is by saying that it's as if Werner Herzog made a live adaptation of a Hayao Miyazaki film. The ecological themes…

  • Suicide Club

    Suicide Club


    So I slept on this movie for years and upon seeing it I've come to regret that. Modern J-horror is really quite hit and miss for me, and I don't have anything like the affinity for it that I do for the 50s and 60s stuff, but every now and again I see a film that lives up to those.

    I'd seen bits and pieces of Suicide Club over the years as it's a film that is incredibly '.gif' worthy,…