The House of the Laughing Windows

What a beautifully shot wonderfully stunning little giallo this is,ive know about this film for quite awhile but I just never got around to it,but when i seen it so high on the list of fellow letterboxer @Ian west’s favorite giallo,stuck right between Argento’s ‘Deep red’ and ‘Solange’ i knew they must be something to more this than your usual giallo and i wasn’t disappointed at all so big shout out to Ian for pushing me to watch this 👍

Its Amazing cinematography,great performances,a nice little mystery surrounding the little village that our protagonist has to come to,to restore a painting in a local church,and like all good giallos will have you scratching your end,with delight i might add,at its wonderfully twisted ending,

This does not get talked about as much as it should and maybe its down to the minimum kill count (which if you know giallo,thats one of the main stables in the more well known ones) but when the kills actually do come,they actually hit that bit harder,for me they did anyway,,,and also it could be that there’s not as much sleeze in this compared to other giallos,,but with this being such a clever and a quite brilliantly written giallo it doesn’t need them factors to be a good film,it relies on it’s creepy atmosphere,great acting beautiful locations to work and it does work,,wonderfully.

If you liked Fulci’s Dont torture a duckling’ in its rural setting and religious undertones you’ll love this.

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