Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★

Rec by Child of Chaos Michelle (Guyver Spawn)

Give me a ticking bomb here

Htichcock said something like "If you show a bomb exploding then you get a moment of shock, but if you show them the bomb first you get 80 minutes of tension."

While I don't disagree, I think he makes the mistake many talent people do, that his technique only works if you are as talented as Hitchcock. In different hand we'd spend the whole time counting the minutes until the bomb goes off.

I didn't like that we saw the whole plan from jump, however Hitchcock makes it work. The inspector playing with Wendice makes it work. He brings something up and then forces Wendice on the backfoot. Then walks off letting him think he's won, then just casually mentions something else to for Wendice back on the defensive. the interactions between Milland and Williams really make what could have been a dull boring get on with it fest into something great.

Also I love the bit that brings Mr. Wendice down, something I, myself didn't notice. But something upon reflection was like "Oh yea."

Another trick of a skilled director, the twist was right there the whole time not made obvious. Neither an ass pull nor a get on with it.

I guess he's the master of suspense for a reason.

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