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Listen, Allison Williams in Get Out (2017) and The Perfection (2018) is basically Jennifer Rubin in NOES 3: Dream Warriors (1987) and Bad Dreams (1988) and I respect that a lot.

Like a serious version of Serial Mom, but for dudes.

Rawhead Rex is rocking a sweet undercut!

Film #22 in The June Challenge

Every once in awhile a film comes out that defines it's genre; V/H/S/2 is that type of film. The found-footage horror genre has been one of the most popular in recent years because of their cost:profit ratio. This has resulted in some incredibly lazy films that are only produced in this format for the sake of being inexpensive, and very rarely is the found-footage concept used to its full potential. The most important aspect…

"Can I be in the monster club now, guys?"

The most frustratingly relatable character in The Monster Squad is Phoebe, despite the fact she is knowledgeable and interested in monsters she isn't taken seriously until she brings a literal fucking MONSTER to the clubhouse and even then, they're constantly dismissing her input or talking over her and in the end she saves the entire god damn town and her brother gets the last line & all the glory.

The Christopher Landon brand of horror continues to be an entertaining one. He takes the cosmic horror comedy we love from the Happy Death Day series and brings it to the body swap genre. It’s filled with stupidity and cliches, but wisely understands what kind of film it is. Truly the blend of Friday the 13th and Freaky Friday.

There are some GNARLY kills in this film that harken back to some of the graphic and imposing moments of Vince…




Indonesian horror is fucking dope and they've proved it with impetigore.

The movies is about a girl who visits her parents home to sell it that is located in a village after their demise, but the village is cursed as all the new born babies are born without skin and in order to uplift that curse the villagers have to sacrifice this girl whose family was the reason that started this curse in the first place.

The narrative of this…

Hooptober #4

La Llorona is horror with a social conscience, like a lot of the best horror. After all, horror is a form of morality tale. What La Llorona does is recontextualise Hispanic American folklore as real life evil, specifically as a part of Guatemala's historical turmoil. Guatemala went through a lot of leaders, and war, and death. The film presents a dictator on trial for his crimes, creating a close resemblance to real history. How can a country deal…