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Photo from The Outwaters—in theaters on February 9, 2023.


You’re Getting Warmer..., a story by Writer & Director Emily Bennett

Lately, during this bleak December, I find my mind straying to warmer days. To summer days filled with high temperatures, outdoor activities and sun. To days of camping and hiking and shooting a porno on an old guy’s farm. To days of sacrificing virgins and surviving carnivorous plants and realizing time ultimately doesn’t exist. (Sigh.) Those are the days I miss. So, to chronicle my sentiment for summer, I made a list of some of my favorite warm weather horror…

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The Outwaters is, without hesitation, one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. An absolute waking nightmare.

I just really love my Jewish horror doze!!! (Those are always more original at least...). Nice contained, creepy and atmospheric Jewish-horror movie... Ideal for a midnight screening... on Shabbat!!! #FantasticFest2022 #FF2022

One of the most iconic vampy movies out there to date. Keifer Sutherland plays the best moody and sexy vampire and no one can change my mind about that. Romance meets scary vibes, meets a surprisingly hot cast (seriously why is Keifer Sutherland so hot with that crazy bleached mullet?), meets so much smoke, meets joy rides, meets feel the wind in your hair, meets a great wardrobe.


Starting 2023 fucking strong.

Guys, the first feature film I produced is now on Letterboxd. I got to watch 200 of my closest friends and family watch it for the first time last night in a packed theater. 

I am so beyond proud of every single cast and crew member — we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Here’s to a lifetime of making movies together ❤️ 


30 years ago, I saw Jason Goes to Hell in the theaters. While not the best in the franchise (it sits at #8 in my Ranked list), there is something special about seeing the film not only in the theater (again) but with both the Popcorn Frights crew and the unrated cut. Oh, and Adam Marcus , director of the film, sent over a customized welcome video, introducing the film to us. Well done, Popcorn Frights!

I can understand why…

Is it bad? No.

Is it better than the original? No.

Did we need an American remake? No.

Do I wish I watched M3gan a second time instead? Yes.

Substack Week 1 Recap

I watched Jeepers Creepers: Reborn during its limited theatrical run, so my review below will reflect this.

The film began with a long-winded thank you for the film’s director, Timo Vuorensola, who was incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the people he worked with. I understand it’s a troubled franchise (not his fault) due to the previous director/writer, and it was filmed during a global pandemic, but I was still open-minded to the fact that we were getting a new…